Logo design

Whether you require a logo along with a website, or as a standalone project, we can help provide a logo (or logo set) to meet your requirements.


Studio 44 Media Limited

Pete Sheath at Studio 44 Media commissioned Public Face to create a new website, and also to develop a logo set for use across the board: website, videos, literature, social media.

With a colour set in mind, and building on the company’s main work as video creators, Public Face developed a main logo and a set of derivatives for use in different media.

There are options with partial transparency, which are well-suited to being used as overlays online or in video. All were supplied as scalable vector graphics and bitmaps.

>> See Studio 44 Media’s website at studio44.media.

Studio 44 Media Limited logo examples
Examples from the Studio 44 Media Limited logo set

St Mary of Bethany Church

This church in Woking, Surrey, needed a new logo and branding and, since Public Face’s Daren was a member there he submitted a design for the new logo, which was taken on. The design was lightly tweaked to finalise it, but the essence of the design – the four hands in various colours, with the cross between them, and the church’s name in Marmelad font – came from Daren.

The hands signify a diverse body of people, reaching out to the surrounding community, with their faith at the centre. The Marmelad typeface was chosen to be contemporary, but also not to date too quickly as the church would likely keep the design for several years.

>> See St Mary of Bethany’s website at stmaryofbethany.org.uk.

The St Mary of Bethany Church, Woking logo

Handsome Devil Tattoo

Handsome Devil Tattoo window artThis Kingston-upon-Thames tattoo studio already had some window art (pictured here) before we were approached about creating their website. The original artwork was hand-drawn on tracing paper by one of the resident artists, and had already been adapted for the window. Taking both the original and the window, we created a new vector graphic to be used on the website and potentially also on literature.

Unfortunately the business is no longer running, so we can’t point you to their website.

The website logo, derived from the window art and the original sketch.

We Love Music

This social music-listening group was founded in 2007 and needed strong visual branding for website, posters and other literature. The photo image of earphone cable forming a heart shape fitted the bill exactly, and the vibrant red background creates an eye-catching contrast.