Website updates / modification

If your existing website needs amending or extending, you may not currently have the resource in-house to carry out that work. Public Face can help.

We have experience in a wide range of website creation environments / Content Management Systems – WordPress, Drupal, Wix, Daisy and more – and hand-tooled HTML too. We’re also not daunted by getting into new tools too.

Addition of new content


Applying new graphic design / branding

Compliance additions – e.g. cookie alert

Migration between hosts

Migration between CMS platforms

…and more

We go to great lengths to ensure we understand what our customers need, so that we can provide it for them.

Got some website updates/mods to do? Get in touch!

Experience counts

With over 20 years’ website development experience, across a wide range of platforms, Public Face founder Daren Allder has the expertise to help you with your website needs. Skilled at discussing and understanding a project’s needs with clients, an adept trainer, and with a keen eye for detail, Daren makes Public Face the ideal all-in-one website development service.