Small businesses

As a small business itself, Public Face is well placed to work with sole traders and smaller companies.

We know that you don’t necessarily have the resource or expertise in-house for creating an online presence, including a great website, but you know what you want and you’re happy to forge working relationships with other small businesses that can help you.

That’s where we come in!

We’ll meet with you and discuss your business and its needs and, from there, work with you to form a strategy for creating or improving your online presence. If you already have a website built on a content management system (CMS), we may decide that it’s best to continue to use that, with some appropriate revision, or we may recommend that it’s simpler and more cost-effective to move to something else.

Examples of some of the smaller businesses we have experience with:

Architect’s practice

In the early 2000s, Daren developed a site for a good friend who is an architect, based near Oxford. The site was a simple ‘shop window’ for the architect’s practice, showcasing some key projects in different types of building: e.g. domestic extension work, public buildings, office spaces.

As you might imagine, the architect had a clear idea of what he wanted, which Daren paid close attention to and the resultant site was one that the client was very happy to use at that time: functional, crisp and clear. Daren’s availability for further work took a dip in the mid and late noughties due to further study and a parallel working role, so the architect moved on to a different developer for his subsequent site.

A group of Opticians’ practices

The relationship with this business goes back many years to the creation of their first websites, and on through a few iterations to their current incarnations built on WordPress, so that they offer:

  • responsive formatting, adjusting to suit the window they’re being displayed on (computer, phone, tablet etc.)
  • easy editing and creation of News and Offers content, pricing, etc. for the business: no ‘bottleneck’ of requesting updates through a third party.
  • GDPR compliance and SSL security for visitor peace of mind and confidence.
One of the group’s sites, in its latest form

We’ve built a strong partnership with this business over the years – establishing trust; sharing advice, opinion and expertise; listening and learning together. Public Face provides the platform, the behind-the-scenes maintenance and updates, the training and support, so that the business can concentrate on the message and the content.

A Soft Furnishings business

For a small bespoke soft furnishings company, a neatly stylish site was designed and created, using appropriately layered pseudo-fabric designs and other relevant graphic elements. Extensive photo galleries helped the business demonstrate its offerings and past work. As with the architect’s practice above, the business has moved to a different site developer, and the overall look builds on the initial design theme and ideas from the original site.

CUT HERE: Daren chose appropriate design elements for the business, the above being carried through to their current site with another developer

Babies’ and toddlers’ playgroup

For a playgroup in south west London, a straightforward and simple WordPress-based site was put together that gave all essential information for the group, a selection of photos in a gallery to show the facilities on offer, and the ability for the organisers to easily post news items to the home page. The site was successful for the life of the playgroup, which stopped when the premises ceased to be available.

Tattoo studio

A newly-established tattoo studio in Kingston made an interesting client a few years ago. The site made good use of the Instagram feeds of the various tattoo artists that operated at the studio, so that prospective clients could see the styles and strengths of the available artists.

There was a strong, stylised text graphic for the business already in place on the front window of the premises so, from a photo, a vector graphic was produced, from which we could derive the header graphic for the new website.

The intention was that management and staff could update the site with news and details of any staff changes (also including adding in new Instagram feeds and artist profiles). All this was made possible using a simple WordPress theme, some good plugins and training to the staff.

Tattoo studio graphic
From window artwork (left) to vector graphic

Accountancy and taxation service

A friend who was moving out of employment into setting up his own accountancy business approached Daren for his business website. The structure is straightforward, with Home, About Us, Contact, and a set of Services pages, each outlining a service the business can provide. The site makes sparing use of bold colour to draw the eye and maintains a professional, but inviting look.

This humorous graphic on the Home page, sourced and edited for the client, underlines the personal, relational nature of the company yet also sets a professional tone.

The site is possibly due a refresh soon, not least to apply SSL security for customer confidence.
See this site at:


Daren’s involvement in music has led him to produce websites for a few bands that he’s been associated with. While simple in content and structure, there’s been a strong emphasis on creating a distinctive visual style for each, in line with each band’s nature and ethos.

Designed in the early 2000s, before the predominance of touchscreens, this site made good use of ‘mouse over’ highlighting for the graphical menu.

A cabinet maker

One of the first sites created in the early 2000s, for a friend who was running a small bespoke cabinet-making business alongside his teaching work. This simple site gave a showcase of his work, plus other essential information.

One of the first sites: a simple showcase site for a cabinet maker