Charities often bring an interesting set of requirements to their projects. As you’d expect, cost-effectiveness and budget control are usually of heightened importance for charities. The likelihood of a higher ratio of volunteer involvement brings challenges in team availability and continuity and, sometimes, it can be difficult to match the website presentation and structure to a diverse charity’s work. At Public Face, we bring extensive experience of working with a range of charities, so that prospective charity clients can be confident in the service and results we’ll bring.

A Rocha UK

A Rocha is an international environmental charity, with which Daren worked for several years as the UK Webmaster. The first project was to move the existing main UK website to a new CMS (Daisy) and to ensure that key members of the UK team were trained in its use so that they were comfortable with performing updates and additions. Shortly afterwards, A Rocha UK embarked on a major rebrand and Daren led the application and extension of the branding to the main site. Later projects included migrating to WordPress – A Rocha International’s preferred CMS – and integrating other projects’ sites (on other platforms, such as Drupal) into the main site.

One of the early A Rocha UK projects for Daren was in applying a new visual branding to their Daisy CMS main website.
Ten years is a long time, and web design needs and trends have changed dramatically.
Later projects included moving to WordPress when A Rocha International adopted it as their CMS of choice, and the application of new visual branding.

A Rocha UK now have a new webmaster, but the website looks broadly as it did when Daren was last involved.

Mission For Vision

This is a UK-founded eyecare charity with which Daren and his optometrist wife were involved from 2006 to 2013, participating in mobile clinics in Ghana, Uganda, Mozambique and DR Congo. During this time, Daren managed and developed Mission For Vision’s two websites which set out the charity’s ethos, past activity and future plans.
[See Mission For Vision’s current site at]


Daren has worked with a few churches to help them develop suitable websites on various platforms. including Church Edit, Endis Insight and WordPress.

Church Edit (to a degree) and Endis Insight (much more comprehensively) include administrative functionality which is tailored specifically for churches, so Public Face also has experience in these areas, helping churches manage internal communications, membership details, calendars etc..

The work on these sites, as with so many others, involved tasks such as logo and graphics design, structure liaison, installation, setup, training and continued management.

Daren also has extensive experience with PlanningCenterOnline, a tool for churches which brings together the management of volunteer teams, service planning, musical repertoire and more.