After the takeover of his employers in the 1990s, Daren found himself moving from a business of 100 or so employees to a global corporation of 170,000. His time with this multinational, and the business’ subsequent owners, gave him valuable experience in working in global website teams.


In the later 1990’s, Daren migrated from software development towards website development and management, via single-handedly developing his employers’ first website (all in HTML) – design, graphics, coding and text – and later adding e-commerce functionality for spares and consumables. He also oversaw the introduction of a web-based collaboration and document management system (OpenText Livelink) to meet this engineering company’s internal communication management needs, and administrated it and trained staff in its use.

The business was acquired by the global materials corporation Saint-Gobain, and Daren became part of the corporation’s global web team, developing web strategies and tools but also ensuring the representation of his local business within, after managing the migration and rebranding of content from the former website.

Thermo Electron

In 2002, Thermo Electron Corporation acquired the part of Saint-Gobain that Daren worked with, so he joined Thermo’s global web team, overseeing the migration of content to Thermo’s website and working on global website strategies. Daren left in 2003 to pursue further studies and to launch his self-employed website development career.