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Push Handle photo

Soft furnishings business

For a small bespoke soft furnishings company, a neatly stylish site was designed and created, using appropriately layered pseudo-fabric designs and other relevant graphic elements. Extensive photo galleries helped the business demonstrate its offerings and past work.

As with the architect’s practice, the business has since moved to a different site developer, and the overall look builds on the initial design theme and ideas from the original site.

CUT HERE: Daren chose appropriate design elements for the business, the above being carried through to their current site with another developer

Babies’ and toddlers’ playgroup

For a playgroup in south west London, a straightforward and simple WordPress-based site was put together that gave all essential information for the group, a selection of photos in a gallery to show the facilities on offer, and the ability for the organisers to easily post news items to the home page.

The site was successful for the life of the playgroup, which stopped when the premises ceased to be available.

The logo for the playgroup, which was edited and cleaned up by Public Face from a printed original.

A cabinet maker

One of the first sites created in the early 2000s, for a friend who was running a small bespoke cabinet-making business alongside his teaching work. This simple site gave a showcase of his work, plus other essential information.

Cabinet maker website screenshot
One of the first sites: a simple showcase site for a cabinet maker

Push bar and Open sign photos by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash